Launch a product in four weeks despite COVID-19?

A few weeks ago, we reached out to COVID-affected businesses from various industries, because we wanted to see if they are ready to prepare for the various lockdown measures. Today we are proud to announce that Cocoon Staging Limited is launching Over the past four weeks, Monique from Cocoon Staging and her team have been in remote workshop sessions with FLF Product Design, and today they can provide new products and services while following the various COVID-19 lockdown measure. We believe that it is possible to launch a product in four weeks, but it requires a certain mindset and transparent innovation approach.

  • We designed Cocoon.Homes from the ground up and made the most of the current lockdown situation, but it also meant to rethink how we live and move together in these new living experiences. 
  • The priority for Cocoon Staging, as for all other businesses, is the safety of their staff and clients, and they now have a Level-3 safety plan in place.
  • The updated online app also represents and business redesign with new online booking capabilities, 3D walkthroughs and financing services.
Covid19 update. Cocoon Staging Limited launches with new products and services to respond to COVID-related lockdown measures. * To protect our staff and clients, we provide all services following strict guidelines with our Level-3 safety plan.
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How our approach helped the team from Cocoon.Homes

Today's launch means:

  • Increased safety measures for employees and clients according to COVID-19 Level-3 guidelines,
  • Accelerated increase of emergency housing availabilities, 
  • Streamlined operations with a new admin portal,
  • Reduced physical contact and increased leads through online booking capabilities,
  • Incentives for new homeowners with furniture financing,
  • Easier transition to level-3 by offering staging finance for vendors,
  • Simplified the customer journey through payment capabilities,
  • Generating immersive virtual experiences and 3D renders while reducing planning time and delivery costs through 3D tools and planing digitisation

We are in this together.

Of course, today's launch means that they are able to reset the business with an improved digital capability. Moreover, it means that we have equipped another company with an innovation mindset. Our new workshop approach will allow the business to kickoff innovation initiatives as well as identify new value drivers continuously and independently. That is the best feedback a service provider could receive.

Fayssal Loussaief
Director of FLF Product Design